Thursday, March 22, 2012

Narrow Leafed Plantain by the Garden

Plantago lanceolata, Plantagenaceae
From Health From Nature:
Ribwort Plantain makes an effective treatment for wound bleeding. It contains epidermal growth factor, stimulating the repair of damaged tissue. Leaves extract has antibacterial properties. Plantain can be used in an asortment of treatments: diarrhea, gastritis, hemorrhage, hemorrhoids, in cases of irritable bowel, against bronchitis, catarrh, sinusitis and asthma. Externally, decoction obtained from the leaves is used in cases of skin inflammations, cuts, stings and malignant ulcers. Plantain root is useful in cases of rattlesnake bite. Seeds, having a high mucilage content, are a good remedy against parasitic worms. Distilled water made from the plant makes an excellent eye lotion. Tea made from the seed is helpful in treatment of diarrhea, dysentery and bleedings of mucous membranes.

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